Discover the Most Profitable Loads

With business support, dedicated dispatchers, management tools,  access to loads from all major brokers and Instant payment, you can control operations  and improve cash-flow with ease

Nauvus powers the country’s fastest-growing trucking and dispatching companies
How it works

How Does Navus Connect
Increase Revenue?

Drive revenue growth

Having access to all the major load boards and brokers in one place means you can find the most profitable loads without effort.

Optimize your operation

Sign up with Nauvus and get paired with a dedicated dispatcher to streamline bookings, payments & communication  

Nauvus FastPay

Use Nauvus Factoring to get your cash instantly. Plus, track expenses and revenue to help you stay within budget without halting operations.

Expand beyond payments

Stop calling brokers. Streamline all back-office tasks, receive real-time updates, and collaborate without the hassle of texts, calls, emails, and mounds of paperwork

Taking the Stress Out of Managing Your Trucking Business

Streamline your trucking operation

Companies using Connect can grow revenue and be more efficient while reducing operating costs and improve cashflow


Increase in revenue after switching to Nauvus


In productivity and efficiency


reduction in operating costs

Offering You Support for Optimal Trucking Operations

If you are a small or medium-sized trucking company, then you know the struggle of having no back-office support and the time-consuming search for loads that may or may not pay off. Worry no more because our app was designed with you in mind.

Also, if you are tired of:

Unprofitable loads
High Factoring Fees
Hidden costs
Compliance issues
30 to 45 Days Before Payment
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Everything You Need for your business

Everything You Need to Manage Your Business All in One Place

Nauvus simplifies everything by keeping all trucking business needs in a single easy-to-use app

Running a business is stressful, but it doesn’t help that you must move from app to app and pen and paper to online and back again. Nauvus simplifies everything by keeping all trucking business needs in a single easy-to-use app

Get Paid Fast
Instantly upon uploading POD
Collaborate effortlessly
Support & Seamless collaboration for every shipment
Stay on top of business
Track your expenses, revenue, fees, and more to optimize your budget
All in-one Operating System
Everything you need to be successful whether you have 2 trucks or 900
Optimise efficiency
View loads from major brokers  in one place
24/7 Support
Having troubles? We’re always here to help

Frequently asked questions

Is Nauvus Connect a Loadboard?

No, Nauvus Connect is an end-to-end business management system for truckers. This includes back office support, an aggregated load board with popular, high-quality brokers, and business software to help you track revenue goals.

Do I need my own authority to drive with Nauvus Connect?

Yes, you need your own authority and insurance to use connect.

How long does it take to start working with Nauvus?

We can get you set up within minutes once we receive your documents

Can I work with Nauvus Connect if I’m in a factoring agreement?

No, you will need to switch from your factoring company to Nauvus Factoring. We can help you in that transition.

Ready to Simplify Your Trucking Business?

Discover Profitable Loads

Nauvus makes it easier to find the best loads for your fleet.

Improve Cashflow

FastPay allows you to get paid for invoices quickly and affordably