Be your own boss and dispatch for carriers

With better tools, instant payment and more trucking companies, you can upgrade your dispatching services and grow your business on your own time

More Earning Potential

Now you can have access to more trucking companies so that you can earn more as an independent dispatcher

Better Efficiency

You decide when, and where you work. Our tools allow you to provide first-class dispatch service for your clients so you can make more money and save more time.

Instant Payment

No more invoicing drivers and carriers weeks later. With Nauvus, you always get paid instantly once drivers uploads POD.

"I dispatch with Nauvus because i can get paid instantly and continue to focus on supporting my drivers..."

Dispatcher from Atlanta, GA

Nauvus Dispatcher  Spotlights
How it works

Companies Always Need Dispatchers….
Nauvus is How They Find You

Manage all your Clients
Carrier Packet

Streamlined your dispatching operation and easily access your carrier's packet. Cut down on operational costs and time so you can focus on supporting your carriers.

Aggregated Load Board
Book Loads

Don’t spend hours navigating multiple load board. Book and instantly assign loads to your drivers. Nauvus give you access to over 100 brokers around the country.

Get Paid Instantly
Getting Paid

No more invoicing drivers weeks later. With Nauvus, you always get paid instantly once driver uploads POD so you can invest to grow your dispatching business.

Track your Earnings

The Dispatcher portal shows earning opportunities and tracks what you make.

Open the portal and tap "Banking" to see what you make on a particular day, to cash out your earnings with Fast Pay, or to view your Earnings History.

Book, Dispatch & Get Paid

Optimize your Operation
With our easy-to-navigate portal, you can keep track of the companies you work with, your loads, and other duties, to make it easier to stay on top of things
Aggregated Load Board
View available loads from all major brokers in one place. Then, find and book the most profitable load. You can assign loads to drivers with one click.
Get paid for your work instantly. That reduces the hassle of sending and tracking down invoices, so you can focus on booking & earning more.

Frequently asked questions

Is Nauvus Virtual dispatch a dispatching company?

No, we simply empower dispatcher and dispatching companies such as you with business tools, aggregated loadboard, TMS, and instant payment all for free so you can continue to support your carriers and drivers while growing your dispatching company.

Do I need my own authority to dispatch with virtual dispatch?

No, you do not need any authority. Matter of fact you need nothing at all. All tools are provided to you at no cost!

Do I need any experience to be a Nauvus dispatcher?

Nope! You don't need any prior dispatching experience whether you are a new dispatcher of a fast-growing dispatching company, we are here to support your business and your growth.

How long does it take to start working as a Nauvus dispatcher?

We can get you started within minutes so you can start dispatching for your own drivers or drivers on Nauvus platform

Why should I be a Nauvus Dispatcher?

You're the boss. As an independent contractor, you have the flexibility and freedom to dispatch carriers whenever you want, wherever you want.

You can make it full-time, part-time, or once in a while -- and dispatch practically anywhere. It's a great alternative to seasonal, temporary, and part-time work.

Ready to Simplify Your Dispatching Business?

Discover Profitable Loads

Nauvus makes it easier to find the best loads for your fleet.

Improve Cashflow

Nauvus FastPay allows you to get paid instantly