How UniGroup Transformed Their Driver Workflows

June 23, 2022
Elizabeth Huges
Customer Success
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Tracking HOS accurately within a complex operation

Owned by more than 160 member agencies, UniGroup is a $1.5 billion transportation cooperative that handles one-third of all professional moves in the United States. Because of UniGroup’s complex organizational model, their drivers must switch between multiple operating authorities (MOAs), which makes tracking miles and hours of service a challenge. To streamline HOS management and stay compliant with federal regulations, UniGroup needed a technology partner that was easy to install and could innovate alongside them.


Streamlined workflows for drivers and the back office

To help meet the needs of their drivers, UniGroup and Samsara pioneered the development of a new feature that allows drivers to easily switch between MOAs within the Samsara Driver App. This feature—along with guided workflows that, for example, remind drivers to certify their logs at the end of the day—has transformed how their organization operates, simplifying drivers’ day-to-day workflows and streamlining HOS management.

Leveraging Samsara’s open API, UniGroup also automated how they process fuel purchase data. After a driver takes a picture of a fuel receipt (via the digital Documents feature in the Driver App), the fuel purchase data is automatically pulled into UniGroup’s mainframe system. Then, it is automatically cross-checked against HOS data to proactively identify instances of theft or fraud—increasing efficiency and reducing manual work for their back office.


Improved driver experience & increased back-office efficiency

Due to Samsara’s ease of installation, it took UniGroup just nine months to fully implement Samsara across more than 4,200 vehicles—75% faster installation than with their previous provider. With Samsara’s easy-to-use Driver App, UniGroup has seen a 10% decrease in ELD hotline calls from drivers and a noticeable improvement in driver morale. Furthermore, UniGroup achieved a 95% decrease in fuel purchase processing time; what used to take roughly three weeks of manual work is now a near-instantaneous automated process.

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